vineri, 26 mai 2017

Be Brave

Most of the days I am afraid to turn on  the radio or the TV, or even to open an internet browser. Lately, it seems to always be  bad news. Actually,  bad news is a too kind of a word for all the murders, rapes, slavery and other atrocities that men is capable of.

I myself have never been abroad and I was looking forward to a trip this summer to a friend in the UK. I have not changed my mind, but it's hard to hear of terrorist attacks all over Europe, attacks that seem to have a schedule that they fully obey and not to think what kind of a world we live in and towards which  I so intensely desire to travel .

Life goes on. People still go to work and have smaller or bigger problems in their private life or at work. The weekends and the summer are still too short for my taste. But it infuriates me how many murders and abuses one can have in the name of terrorism or in the name of the fight against it. The world population is constantly growing and it seems that there is not enough space under the Sun for everyone.

Who are these terrorist? Are they people? Are we sure that we can blame  all of these so called terrorist attacks on a specific part of the world when so many economic interests are governing all of us? A killed human being is still a human being, no matter in the name of who or what his or her life was taken. But as we feel love and pity only for some humans that are alive among us, so it goes with the dead.

There are things that people do to each other in the name of religion, or money , or just to pursue one's personal gain or interest that are not terrorist attacks and I do not see that many headlines or people getting ready to go to war against it. As humans, we should always stand up for the less fortunate and fragile: ill people, incredibly poor people, abused children, women and elders and yes, men....there is no need for a war or for a fight. We just need to care for everything close to us that is alive. What is the point of going on a war against a country and killing their civilians when we would not give the time of day to the beggar at the corner of the street? When so many families are torn or develop toxic relationships?

The hardest war is the war of feelings. Of stepping in. Of judging less. Of not looking forward to revenge. If you are brave enough to risk your life or to fight someone, please, be brave enough to think outside the box and to care. Please do.

It is Friday and at least some of us are looking forward to a night of rest or fun with friends. Have fun everyone! Be happy and kind. And we will have a better world, as it can only be made of better people.

Most of the days I dream...that I will have a website and there you will read about people who care and do better for others. I hope that at least sometime I was one of them.

All the best to my readers!