vineri, 8 august 2014

Sand and sunscreen

Thousands of grains of sand make my problems look really big right now but not that many. The wind comes and takes away some sand and my thoughts. My eyes are shut and my nostrils are larger then ever. Many times, in the overcrowded bus, I wished I was on the beach, hear nothing but the see, feel nothing against my skin than the sand and smell everything: sunscreen, the sea, the sky, my dreams...

Life leaves plenty of room for interpretation some times. Even when it ends. Coincidences make us doubt or become superstitios but most important they make us happy. When asked if I was interesting in keeping a  key ring I only thought I always lose my keys in the bag so I said yes. My mind had been to you the last couple of days and then...I saw it. It was a big shiny red heart which red I Love Texas. I don't love Texas because I don't even know Texas, but I certainly know some people who do.

Over the years I often thought that I had no idea how happy I was then because so many times I wished I could go back and relive the days with unbearable sun and country music and plenty of dust. I don't know where you are and it's been seven years and there are more years coming. What...if you ever ever read this...then coincidences are real.

Many philosophers told us over the years that one should doubt their senses and how they make us perceive the world, or doubt our knowledge or other people. I want to let all the great thinkers of the world that feelings are real and in the end that is all that we have and what we worth: how we feel. There are no bad and good feelings as there are not only bad or good people, but life has too many sides for me to explain this only by using words. A great mind without a heart is less then impossible.

For the ones wondering why I tried writing in English, this article is in the memory of a friend who might never in this life read it. May you have special memories to recall and especially to come.


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