miercuri, 29 ianuarie 2014

My Darling "Ioane",

I still remember the day those people asked about you and said Ioane instead of Ioana, and, trust me, it is still funny. Here work is just fine, meaning that, as always, I do not perceive it as work, just another means of learning more about ...well, you know that I am not allowed to speak of my work too much. I have female co-workers as well which is a change from last time, and I really hope my English will improve. One of the girls is German so we go to lunch together and I have tried to make conversation but we sort of ended talking about Hitler and differences between German and English. And simmilarities.

This all brings me back to our discussion about how success is not having to do what you like but the other way around. If you are wondering why my letter is in English, it is because they need to check all correspondance so...that is it for you. I like it here. I do not have much time to go out to see the cities, we are always on the run and I kind of miss going home to..or too, but there is not that much of the contract left, I have no idea if this is ever going to repeat itself. So I am trying to enjoy it as much as I can.

It is nice to be that away sometimes but it is difficult to leave someone behind, even when you know it is for just a short time, and especially that someone knows you would do that for the rest of your life. Fortunatelly, I have no regrets to speak of in this letter and in these times, as I have support and I kind of am my job. Don't worry, tones of plans for when this is over include a trip to you two. Alles klar? Ich muss mein Deutsch auch uben.

The weather here is awful but as long as I have hot water in the showers at any hour, electricity and heat, I can relax reading a book and writing to you, it is just fine. Not that long ago I was waiting for my colleague to releave me from my night shift at the casino and she did not come on account of the winter, so I feel pretty lucky this evening.

Many times I have written to you about the places and less or nothing about the people I work and practically live with. There are not two alike among them, but they make me feel appreciated and smart and funny. And money is o.k. What more could I ask for? More good and interesting experiences might be an idea. Here I have met people whom I  can talk to about God, or love, or humanity, or my passion for writing, which I can truly feel will never fade away. I used to say that this is the love of my life, but now, when I have his presence, I know it isn't. It is just my life.

I need to go and check something so this is it. Hope soon enough I will have access to the internet for personal stuff, till then, if my letter does arrive before I do, lots of hugs and as soon as we are face to face, Jagermeister is on me, on the house, everywhere!

Looking forward for news on your part, have a nice one. And listen to this, it is from 2013, the year we met.




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